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The loveliest Cards on Earth!

The Sacred Action Cards were created from pure love. This beautiful deck includes 113 cards, filled with suggestions to help you uplift your Self and others. Buy them as a single deck or buy The Shankara Oracle, where The Sacred Action Cards are included. Discover more about Shankara HERE.

The cards are non-denominational and invite you to embrace love, light, and purity in everything you do. Wake up each morning and select a card. As you hold the card’s intention throughout your day, you will feel happier, holier, and more fulfilled.

Each card outlines a sweet, simple suggestion. From gratitude to serving others, and from prayer to being more organized, each card offers wonderful, helpful, actionable advice.

If you want to walk in loving service to your soul and humanity, you will LOVE The Sacred Action Cards!

the sacred action cards

113 sacred cards

Rise Up to Love

heal and open your heart

raise your vibration

Feel encouraged all day

Purify Your Life

live your life as a prayer

Connect With The Divine

walk in love

always be serving

Explore THE sacred action cards

113 lavish cards waiting for you

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