7 Gemstones In Pouch

Divine Stones To Uplift Your Life!


Crystals are living Beings, bundles of pure energy, always available to support and uplift us.

Use this lovely gemstone set to add vibrancy to your Shankara Sessions and to uplift your most sacred spaces and practices. This seven-gemstone set includes a beautiful bag with the Shankara logo on it.

The stones are lovely and pure gemstones, including:

1 – Amethyst will invite peace and connection, harmony and bonding, and divine serenity.

2 – Smoky Quartz will enhance your life with a feeling of stability and grounding, connecting you with Mother Earth and your core strength.

3 – Cherry Quartz will stimulate your life with uplifted vigor and enthusiasm.

4 – Tiger’s Eye will bring self-confidence, a firm hand, and inner strength.

5 – Blue Lapis brings a sense of royalty, divine nobility, honor, and great vision.

6 – Red Jade is a stone pointing to fulfilled dreams, achieved goals, loyalty, and fidelity.

7 – Aventurine is a powerful stone that brings a profound flow of good luck.

You can add these stones to your Shankara Oracle divination board and invite the most empowering energies to uplift and nourish you, your friends, your family, and your clients.

These gemstones are 2-3cm in length.


Weight .3 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 4 in


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